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About Us

Ecological Society ENDEMIT has been established in March of the year 2000. by a group of Environmental Biology students from the Faculty of Biology at Belgrade University. Our main field of work refers to protection and improvement of environment, conservation of biodiversity and implementation of the concept of sustainable development Main goals of our organization are being fulfilled through research, education and awareness raising, information dissemination and networking on both, national as well as on international scale.

We have established strong and comprehensive collaboration with national media providing general public with valuable and useful information on results of our activities. This has resulted in significant increase of understanding of environmental and sustainability issues among ordinary citizens. Awareness raising of general public has been raised trough daily surveys about main environmental problems which citizens face in their everyday lives. Following principles of environmental protection and sustainable development, we have established prosperous cooperation with different NGOs within our country and abroad. Our partners on specific projects were various state institutions, international organizations, universities and individual experts. Representatives of Ecological Society ENDEMIT took active participation on various national and international meetings, seminars and events.


We have successfully conducted a project package named Regional summer eco-camps “Đerdap 2001”, “Đerdap 2002”, “Đerdap 2003”, “Đerdap 2004” and “Đerdap 2005”, organized on the territory of the “Djerdap” National Park (Iron Gates Area). During previous 8 years, members of ENDEMIT society prepared and conducted a great number of projects related to education and awareness raising in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development, environmental social inclusion of roma population, ecological economics research and implementation etc. Overall budget of the eco-camps was approx. 2.500.000 RSD (40.000 EUR). Budget for our activities has been fundraised from state institutions, national and international organizations and private companies (Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Science, Ministry of Tourism, Government of the city of Belgrade, The Royal Netherlands Embassy, European Commission, the Regional Environmental Center for SEE, National Park Administration, Faculty of Geography, Hydropower System “Djerdap” etc.)

You can learn more about activities of ENDEMIT society here.

CV of Endemit can be downloaded here (PDF file, size 165kb).

ENDEMIT is a member of the following network organizations and programs: CERI (Carpathian EcoRegional Initiative), FENS (Federation of Nongovernmental Organizations of Serbia), DEF (Danube Environmental Forum), SEEENN (South-Eastern European Environmental Network), REReP network (Regional Environmental Reconstruction Programme).