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Ecological Society “Endemit” is currently working on second stage of CEECEC project tasks after successfully finished first phase: Balkans Network building. See list of Network Members.

One of the final project goals is making a strategy for future researches that would apply Ecological Economics methods and tools in solving issues linked with the environment. Many of these information are stated in Project Summary.

Accordingly, the aim of the Endemit's Work Package of "CSO Engagement in Ecological Economics" project is to collect data regarding major environmental problems/conflicts in Balkans as well as organizations dealing with these problems in order to locate potential partners for future projects/researches.

We nominated Focal Point Organisations (one per each Balkan region country from our Network) that are in charge of data collecting regarding environmental situation in their countries as well as of dissemination of Survey materials to other environmental stakeholders (preferable key environmental NGOs).The Survey aims to locate crucial environmental NGOs and describe major problems and conflicts they are dealing with in field of environmental protection. In final stage, Ecological Economists will analyse these problems, recognise priorities and make strategy for future research involving selected NGOs.

Focal Point Organisations are following:
1. “Green Forest” Society for Montenegro
(e-mail: markoka@cg.yu)
2. “Center for environmentally sustainable development (COOR)” for B&H
(e-mail: erna.coric@heis.com.ba)
3. “The Greener Bourgas Foundation” for Bulgaria
(e-mail: greenbs@unacs.bg)
4. “Proaktiva” for Macedonia
(e-mail: iko@proaktiva.org.mk)
5. “Environmental Center for Development Education and Networking – EDEN” for Albania
(e-mail: erisa_llaka@yahoo.it)
6. “Sunce” for Croatia (contact person: Gabrijela Medunić-Orlić)
(e-mail: gabrijela@sunce-st.org)
7. “Endemit” will conduct Survey in Serbia
(e-mail: office@endemit.org.rs)

We would appreciate engagement of your NGO, and we invite you to actively participate in this stage of project through filling in the Survey Form that can be demanded from mentioned FPO in your country.

We hope that we will have successful collaboration!

Please, do not hesitate to contact us (office@endemit.org.rs) or FPO in your country for any further information.

Ecological society Endemit
E-mail: office@endemit.org.rs
+381 64 1790 820


Ecological Society "Endemit" is partner of the CEECEC project: CEECEC (Civil Society Engagement with ECological EConomics) is a European Commission FP7 funded project that aims to enable Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to engage in and lead collaborative research with ecological economists. Click here to read the latest newsletter and here to access CSO case studies of environmental conflict.