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Ecological Society "ENDEMIT" is organizing training seminar for teachers of primary and secondary schools titled "Learn to live in sustainable way".

Seminar has been accredited by the Institute for Improvement of Education (ZUOV, web site: www.zuov.sr.gov.yu), and it lasts 3 days (21 h in total).

Seminar is open for applications to all professors and teachers regardless of their professional background and teaching area due to the fact that this training seminar has been defined as multidisciplinary. Certain advantage will be given to teachers and professors of biology and ecology. Lecturers have professional background in the field of environmental biology including environmental protection issues with significant experience in realization of seminars and other forms of trainings.

Seminar consists of three units:
I Global environmental problems (learning about problems, causes and consequences, finding relevant solutions).
II Sustainable Development – an opportunity for life in harmony with nature (learning about sustainable development as one of the main concepts of future existence of human population in harmony with nature and its rules).
III Healthy life – why and how?

All lectures will be presented trough the power point presentations and will be elaborated trough the workshops – solving problems by simulating real life situations. We would like to point out the topics that will be presented during the third day of the seminar, referring to healthy food and nutrition, medical plants and recreation - issues that are of vital importance for every human living modern way of life.

Goal of this seminar is to provide teachers and professors with practical knowledge and skills that are relevant for understanding possible solutions for variety of environmental problems. Moreover, participants will be able to transfer their knowledge and information to the pupils. Final outcome should contribute to the efforts for making pupils and students capable for contributing to environmental protection in their every-day lives in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

We hope that you will have understanding for these goals and our efforts and that you will join us in our strivings to provide better life and healthier environment for the sake of all, especially our children.

Application fee for the seminar is 3.000 RSD, and it includes:
- Working materials; CD with presentation and additional information
- Snacks during the brakes.

More information about the topics and seminar logistics could be obtained on the following contact details:
+381 64 208 2900 or +381 64 222 4320 (please call after 16h)
or by e mail: office@endemit.org.rs

Program Team

Ivana Petric (Author), E-mail: ipetric@endemit.org.rs

Miroslav Tadic

Biljana Urosevic