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The seminar titled “The Future is in NATURA” was held in Botanical Garden “Jevremovac” in Belgrade, on 22nd October 2011, organized by “Endemit”.


Text "What is
Natura 2000?"

(can be downloaded
here - Word file,
size 70 kb)

(can be downloaded
here - pdf file,
size 2 MB)

(can be downloaded
here - pdf file,
size 200 kb)


“Mankind at the Turning Point – Ecological Footprint”
(can be downloaded
here - ppt file,
size 2,1 MB)

“Explore Biodiversity”
(can be downloaded
here - ppt file,
size 14,2 MB)

“Towards the Ecological Network NATURA 2000”
(can be downloaded
here - ppt file,
size 10 MB)

“Nature Protection in Serbia – Framework and Strategic Guidelines”
(can be downloaded
here - ppt file,
size 1,5 MB)


The aim of the Seminar was to educate the students of ecology/environmental studies on biodiversity protection. The participating students of ecology/environmental sciences at the University of Belgrade received the initial knowledge on biodiversity and nature protection, including information on ecological network of special protected areas NATURA 2000, other networks and legislative instruments dealing with nature protection and biodiversity, synergy NATURA 2000 and biodiversity protection with sustainable use of natural resources.

Additionally, by taking part in inter-active workshops, the seminar participants had an opportunity to gain practical knowledge useful for their future careers in biodiversity protection.


Photo gallery from the seminar
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The movie "Big Question: What is nature worth?" which was presented at the seminar

The movie"Big Question: Is Earth past the tipping point?"

The movie about EU plan to stop the erosion of biodiversity